For over four years I have beat my neighbors at “who has the best yard”. I don’t have a big yard at all. But Ben and his team was able to transform it into some place where we love to enjoy. Thank you Grizzly for a great yard and for helping us to, “Kick our neighbors but!” haha we love our yard and eberyone around us hates that we love it so much. Pretty awesome!! – Janet Lowery

Ben and his team began providing myself and my wife with landscaping services over two years ago. I appreciate his hard work and I appreciate his dedication to his craft, – Alejandro Baxter

I hired Grizzly Landscaping even after my neighbor recommended some else. That was four years ago and I have yet to find a problem to complain about. Ben’s team is always so friendly and willing to do whatever needs to be done. I would recommend them any day. – Janice Schiff

We’ve been using Grizzly Lawn Company for our lawn care needs since 2003. They originally began just mowing my lawn when I was off of Indian Trail but now cut my 2 acre lot twice monthly and I have no complaints. – John Sanders